November 10, 2022 || 3:32 am

[LIVE] ‘Man City 2-0 Chelsea’ Full HD Online Live Stream

Even on the defensive end, Alvarez is proving to be an excellent signing. He is already outdoing Jesus for tackles and blocks on a per-90-minutes basis, and his work rate on the pitch is plain for everyone to see.

Against Fulham last weekend, he chased lost causes and harried Fulham’s defenders, creating chances and generally being a nuisance. His tenacity is reminiscent of Carlos Tevez in his time at the club.

It does then seem that much of the pearl-clutching about City’s summer departures was entirely unnecessary. Jesus leaving has had a negligible impact on the side, and Alvarez’s arrival looks likely to fill Jesus’ niche in the squad perfectly.

City have gone from having no strikers, apart from one who plays on the wing instead of up front, to having two exceptionally talented strikers with entirely different profiles. The options this opens up for Pep Guardiola are limitless, with Alvarez already proving he is capable of playing as a striker, a wide forward or as a second striker.

None of this is to suggest Jesus is not a top-quality player, he is clearly a supremely talented striker whose work rate and technical ability never went unnoticed by City supporters.

Although it was sad to see him depart, especially after the blistering start to his time in Manchester that he was ultimately unable to kick on from, City fans can sleep well knowing that the squad is stronger now than it was at the conclusion of last season.

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